Meet the Creator

My name is Michelle Kandell. I'm a writer, creator, and a wife & a stay-at-home mom to 2 beautiful girls in northeast Indiana.

I founded Eternal Dreams LLC in February of 2022 as an opportunity and pathway to meet the needs of others while allowing myself expression through creativity. We feature unique handmade clothing for babies, children, and adults.

Spreading the message of unity and love has become the most important thing to me, and this business is simply one avenue to meet people where they are at. We partner with Oneness Project Light, Inc. (, a nonprofit organization that I am a board executive of, and often donate profits in the form of money or handmade pieces to those in need or just to create more joy. This shop is a way to uphold this purpose I feel led to fulfill.

Your existence, support, and love are the reason we are able to help others. Your partnership in making an eternal impact in the world around us means everything.

YOU are never alone, & YOU matter.

Come as you are.